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Nelson + 4 holes

The legendary Freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela died a few days ago. World leaders and glitterati attended at his memorial service.

Who was the most insincere and disingenuous arse hole at Mr Mandela’s Memorial Service?

a) Bono : Lead singer of the Band U2

b) David Cameron : Current prime minister of Great Britain

c) President Obama : Current President of USA

d) F. W. De Clerk : former Apartheid president of South Africa.

The correct answer gets a sexy free Savage London t shirt. No questions asked.

Competition ends on the 5th Feb 2014.

... Whoops no winners even for this easy one!! The answer was (c) President Obama was the least sincere in the legendary freedom fighters memorial service. He ought to know better!

Raising chalk dust

Maria Sharapova, Russian Tennis
Champion, who is properly fit

Ok my lovely boyz and gaals. It is competition time and I want a winner this time. So here it goes:

Who and when did Maria Sharapova have a dance with in middle of the tennis court?

Get this right and get yourself a free t shirt from Savage London.

Competition ends 30 July 2012



Prince - Beyonce

Male and Female Artiste Exotique!

What did Prince or (Artist) say about Beyonce?

The winner gets a free t shirt from the sexy Savage London range. Good luck.

Competition ends on the 15th April 2012.

Answer to the last competition

This was so easy. But not enough musooo’s in da house, hey!!

The original Sexy Mutha Fucker(Prince) said: "I just told her(Beyonce) once she learns how to play the piano then she can go on to learn about Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin and then the sky is the limit, as she is so talented". Woooooh, Respex




What it is the main cause of Ass-Holism?

This is a tricky one, I know. So come up with the most original answer and win yourself something for no monies. Simples!!

Competition ends: 15th Nov 2011

No winners; too spendidly arch for you all eh?

The main cause for Ass-Holism is extreme psychological insecurity. Sufferers should seek counselling and consult the professionals for help.



Brando - Sophia

I am Sohia.I am Brando.

What did Marlon Brando say to Sophia Loren, in a love scene, whilst shooting the 1966 film, A Countess From Hong Kong?</p>

Please remember Marlon Brando was the single most smoooove operator.

The winner gets a juicy Savage London T shirt or one of our cool Underwear designs!

Competition ends: 15th Sept 2011

Answer: Mr Brando told the Italian Seductress: "Did you know you have hairy Nostrils." Smoover than a mango smoovie!!

The winner of this competition is Ruslan from the Ukraine. Which incidentally is where all of Europe’s sexy women live!!



The Royal Underness

Pipa Middleton giving it the Style Council

Is Pipa Middleton (sexy sister to future Queen of United Kingdom), wearing any under garments in this historic photo?

The winner gets a juicy Savage London T shirt or one of our cool Underwear designs!

Competition ends 15th June 2011

Whoops! Lots of wrong answers, namely that she was not wearing any. Which is the wrong answer. Because I know she was very a very special white thong on her sister’s awesome wedding day.



International stylee Q

What, exactly, is the point of United Nations?

The most intelligent and original answer will get a fantastic Savage London shirt. Free of all monies.

Good luck

Competition ends 30th April 2011.

Well admittedly it was a trick question. So no winners as expected. The exact point of the United Nations is Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Don’t take our word for it. Check the number of wars they have engaged everyone in through ill thought through invalid resolutions in the past 50 years. A rubbish dysfunctional Organisation.


Here is another easy one for ya’ll!

Sir Bob & Sprogs
What is exactly wrong/not quite right with the Geldof family?

Here is a chance to win a free t shirt from our super extensive and funky range. That is right! You can have any of our designs in any colour, any size, any time. All you got to do is get the answer right. Good luck.

Competition ends 12th March 2011.

Whoops!! No bodywins. Oh well, here it goes.
The problem with the Geldof family is that they are fuckt and have very odd names to go with it. Check it.

a) Sir Bob himself. Ergh, gets angry at the drop of the hat. Sanctimonious and self righteous as they get. Pretty weak musician. Good fund raiser/chugger!

b) Mum: Paula Yates. Died form heroine overdose. Cheated on Sir bob with INXS singer Michael Hutchence, who ended up killing himself whilst having a glop. With plenty of dubious drugs & sex tings all over the place. Too complex for the likes of us.

c) Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa Geldof. Kensington & Chelsea kid, turned Scientologist, who ever they are. She is all that we all want to be, TV presenter, Journalist, writer, philosopher and anything else Tony Montana forgot to be. Genuinely believes she knows the secrets of the universe.

d) Little Pixie Geldof. Does modelling when she can get the bookings. Dabbles in various quantities of substances and such. Gets her knickers off pretty fast for cash jobs. Thinks she is a celebrity. Admits to knowing nothing.

e) Fifi Trixibelle Geldof. The oldest of the 3 piss artist sisters. Too fat to model. Busted for drugs. Standard. Seems to do nothing what so ever.

f) Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof. 15 years old and half sister to the 3 brats. Being groomed to be the perfect brat before 18. Mum & dad were not exactly good role models or name pickers.


Xmas competition...

Here is your chance to win a freebie from Savage London.

When did Rudolph the Reindeer hit the headlines?

The correct answer will get a sexy free shirt from our funky & glowing range.

Competition ends 31 Dec 2010.

Oh My God! Not one correct answer. Rudolph The Reindeer is Santa’s 9th Reindeer. Rudolph’s debut and subsequent fame and riches came in 1939 through Robert May, who is the chap wot concocted him!!


Hello Lovelies...

Which electric powered car can hit speeds of 205 mph?

Here is a chance to win a free t shirt from our super extensive and funky range. That is right! You can have any of our designs in any colour, any size, any time. All you got to do is get the answer right. Good luck.

Competition ends 18th November 2010.

Aaahh!! Much better. We had 5 correct answers this time & the lucky winner is Liam who is not even a Viking! Well done.

This car is sexy! Eat your heart out Mr. Lamborghini!!

A: The Jaguar C-X75.


New competition...

Where, when, why & who wrote this:

"And there is daggers in men's smiles".

The winner gets a nice juicy free t shirt from across the fabulous Savage London range.
Good luck.

Competition ends on the 20th Sept 2010

Woah! What is going on out there? No winners. Better luck next month.

The answer is:
William Shakespeare wrote this in a short play, Macbeth, Act 2 Scene 3, written between 1603 and 1607. Implying ulterior hidden motives when it comes to people. Things are not as they seem to be.


Our new competition is amazing easy.

Yes it is a funny old game! Non one of you picked Spain! Even the Spanish!

Please tell us who is going to win The World Cup?

The winner gets a free t shirt from our crazy big range.

Competition ends at Midday on the 1st of July 2010.


Party with me. I am the King and the Pope is not invited.

What was King Henry VIII's favourite party dish?

No winners, what is happening out there? Where is Gordon Ramseeeeeee?

The king’s favourite party trick was The Cockentrice: A Royal Mete!

A sewn up roast combination of pig + goose + Chicken all sewn up together then stuffed with things & flavoured with Parsley & Saffron.

Try it & you will become a veggie over night!.


Woz you him?

Mr David Cameron, Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, colour-referenced a chap by saying: "I spoke to a 'Black Man' from Plymouth who complained about immigrants in the UK" ...This 'Black Man' served in the Royal Navy for 30 years & came to the UK when he was 6 years old.

What is the name of this 'Black Man' from Plymouth?

The correct answer gets a juicy T shirt for free and a kiss, optional!

Good luck.
Offer ends 5th May 2010.

Whoops. No winners? It was a real easy one too.

The "black man's" name is Mr Neal Forde. He is in fact 51 & not 40 years & served in the Royal Navy for 6 years and not 30 years. So no one spotted Cameron’s rubbish talk which was off, by 11 years in age & 24 years in Service. He is our prime minister now. Yee pee!!


A funky one for all the lovelies!

What is the cup size of Carla Bruni, the wife of President Sarkozy of the French Republique?

The correct answer gets to win a cool cool shirt from our super range!

Good luck.
Offer ends 15th April 2010.

The correct answer was given by Fabio from Campagnola Emilia- Italy : "for me it's a 2nd". 2nd in Europe is the same as B-Cup, as confirmed by this amazing painting. A definite B, as confirmed by Le Presidente & Mick Jagger & other rich and famous chaps.


Here is a silly simple one for all.

How much (in kilograms) does a Hippopotamus eat at one sitting?

The correct answer gets a t shirt from our extensive range.

Good luck.
Offer ends 10th March 2010

Weee-heeeeee We got a winner!!

Answer: 1 hippopotamus can eat 40kg of grass in one sitting x

1 cool t shirt is on its way to Isobel from Henley-On-Thames.

Hey up Chucky: Get busy with this riddle, our first competition of the year.

Why can a bee fly but a fly can’t bee?

The first best answer to this riddle gets a free Savage London T shirt.

Anything you want baby!

Good luck.
Offer ends, 5th Feb 2010.

What a pity. No winners for this riddle.

The answer is : The Muppet show song by Kermit & Gonzo.

Now that we are up & running properly again the competition section is also getting fired up.

What is the best thing about learning gymnastics?

Give us the correct answer & you can order any t shirt for no monies at all.

Good Luck
Savage London
Competition ends on 24th December 2009

Damn. No winners?

The best thing about being a gymnast like Ms Alina Kabaeva, pictured above, is that you always land on your feet and get to hang out with rich powerful men, like Ex-President Putin of the Russian Federation.

Hmmm, that’s a very flexible wrist young lady!!

OK folks, here is another easy one to start your year.

What was up Jane Mansfield bum?

(Think British comedy!!)

And the winner for this one is Lord Pink from Netherlands.

Answer: A Lobster was up Jane Mansfield's ass!

Courtesy of Derek & Clive
[link & audio below may be Not Safe For Work]

OK folks, here is an easy one for ya’ll.

What is the name of the drummer in the new Cadburys Milk Chocolate advert?

I will even help you with a big clue: the title song is In The Air. Gimme the name & get your self a free t shirt. Any style, colour or design.

...the answer is an actor named Garon Michael.
(Carl Amoscato)

Yes Sir. You win!!

Pick any t shirt across the extensive range on savagelondon.com. We will need design number, size, colour & delivery address.

Well done & what a cool way to start your week.

The last competition before Santa gets down your chute is...

What is reckless eye-balling?

Reckless eye-balling is when you stare long and hard at someone that is a lot bigger and stronger than you without getting "wrecked" which is slang for beaten up.
(Emma D'Alba, Thornton Heath, Surrey)

No Emma. An imaginative guess!! But wrong wrong wrong!!

Reckless eyeballing, back in the day, was in fact a law in the Southern States of USA directed specifically at African American men checking the white folks women on the pavement, store etc, recklessly!! The penalty was imprisonment & sometimes much harsher!!

So nobody wins the competition this time.

The first correct answer gets a free t shirt, just like the last geezer.

What is a birdie num num?

... and the winner is

Emma D'Alba, Thornton Heath Surrey, with:

"Birdie num num is food that is especially tasty and delicious. It is also the name of bird food used by Peter Sellers in the film The Party."

Hey Hey hey boyz & gaals:

Who or what is Duran Duran?

The first correct answer will win a free t shirt from our range.

... and the winer was:

Adam Rodgers, London.
with the correct answer of:

"Duran Duran was a [boy] band in the 80's but also a mad scientist character in the film Baraberella, from which the band chose their name! "

Nice One Adam!